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Jason Aldean performing In Las Vegas

Jason Aldean Concert Vegas

Jason Aldean is scheduled to perform at Las Vegas during the upcoming music concert on October 20, 2013. The venue of the event will be at MGM Grand Garden Arena. This venue has a capacity of approximately 15,002. Doors will typically be opened two hours prior to the showtime, though this is subject to change and fans are advised to clarify before going to the venue.

The country music musicians will be entertaining fans with some of his best and recent music. The 36 year old musician has earlier stated that, his love for music and particularly country music dates back to when he was a little boy.

Some of his best music which he expected to perform during the upcoming concert in Las Vegas includes a number of the songs featured in his 2006 debut album ‘Hicktown’. This album peaked at number 10 on the country music chart. Consequently, he was given the title ‘the top male country vocalist’ during the Country Music Awards which took place in 2006. Other songs which the artist is expected to entertain thousands of his fans with, include some of the songs featured in his 2007 album titled ‘Johnny Cash’. Other albums which are expected to feature prominently during the concert include ‘Relentless’ and ‘We Laughed Until We All Cried’.

Organizers of the concert have intimated that, the reason as to why the concert was scheduled to take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena is to accommodate the high number of fans expected to attend this event. In addition, this is one of entertainment facilities with the most advanced hi-tech features in Las Vegas. The facility has also played host to several spectacular theatrical performances, sporting events and concerts. The facility has played host to scores of musical stars among them Lady Gaga, Barbara Streisand and U2.

Fans of country music are encouraged to attend the concert for it is one of its kind and they cannot afford to miss out on this great concert.

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