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Vegas Concerts is a review site that focuses on concerts in Las Vegas. We also review some of the shows in Vegas. If you have attended a concert in Vegas and would like to send us your review we welcome all reviews and encourage your comments about any of the performers. Some of the artists perform all around the wrold, but we only review the performances in Las Vegas. Some concerts in Vegas run for several weeks or even months, and some are there just for a night or two. All of our reviews are of a performer that has either performed in Vegas or is scheduled to in the near future.

John Legend in Vegas on March 27 at the Smith Center

John Legend Vegas Concert

John Legend first hit the scene with his break-out smash record ‘Ordinary People’ that came from his Grammy winning album ‘Get Lifted’. The relatable song launched John Legend into stardom and allowed for him to become a household name, as well as a distinguished star in what was already a crowded genre. John Legend has been around for a while though, and it’s clear that he was been mixing in the right circles from an early age since he also played the piano for Lauryn Hill on her hit record ‘Everything is Everything’. In fact even before his own album came out, Legend attracted the attention of even bigger stars, since he was featured on the album of fellow Chicago native, Kanye West on his debut known as ‘The College Dropout’.
Now with the release of his latest album ‘Love in the Future’, Legend is back, wowing fans once more with his amazing vocal performances as well as his distinct ability to connect with the crowd, making it seems as if he were singing only to you. The R&B superstar, who has already won an astonishing nine Grammys is likely to perform hits such as the previously mentioned ‘Ordinary People’, but also crowd pleasers such as ‘Save room’, Green Light’ and ‘Everybody Knows’.
He has also got a ton of new material to perform from his latest album, and so if you are looking for something new, do not worry as you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for a great way to enjoy some of Legends music with the accompaniment of a live band, seeing him live is your best bet. As his latest album has only made him an even bigger deal, you will want to move quickly as the odds are that his tour dates are going to sell out faster than you expect.

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