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Vegas Concerts is a review site that focuses on concerts in Las Vegas. We also review some of the shows in Vegas. If you have attended a concert in Vegas and would like to send us your review we welcome all reviews and encourage your comments about any of the performers. Some of the artists perform all around the wrold, but we only review the performances in Las Vegas. Some concerts in Vegas run for several weeks or even months, and some are there just for a night or two. All of our reviews are of a performer that has either performed in Vegas or is scheduled to in the near future.

Santana’s Greatest Hits Live

santana1Las Vegas is geared up for an intimate evening with Santana greatest hits live. The House of Blues is very happy to have this artists live, and the fans of this establishment cannot wait for the show to get on and see one of their greatest stars in action. This concert series begins in November and it goes almost all the way to March. Santana will be playing every hit song that he has ever created, and he may even play some songs that no one has ever heard before; furthermore, Santana is popular and knows a lot of people, so there is not telling who he might bring out on stage during any of his scheduled performances.
The concerts are not held just to the performer on the stage. With that said, Santana will do his best to get the entire audience involved with the show. Not only will they be up and dancing to every song, but there will be prizes for certain trivia questions and other fun games that are going to be led by this superstar. These extras that come along with going to the show are the reasons why people come back to see this performer again and again. People are very happy with the atmosphere.
There are people coming from all across the globe to see this show. It will be one of the biggest concerts this year, and each crowd for every single show is expected to be sold out. People are expected to camp outside of the arena days before the show begins. This is so that they will be the first individuals allowed within the arena, and they may even be able to get a glimpse or even an autograph from the performer. These are some possibilities that have happened in the past.

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