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The Legendary Celine Dion Takes Las Vegas By Storm

Celine Dion Concert Vegas

The Las Vegas strip is home once again to a legend: Celine Dion has returned and is here to stay. The Caesar’s Palace Colosseum plays host to the spectacle that only Celine can bring to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Her show is brings her cherished hits to center stage in a visual spectacle that offers guests not only great music, but a great show.

Taking place in a custom designed 4,300 seat theater, the show featured all of Celine’s greatest hits as well as covers of other famous artists. Celine belted out some of her earliest hits, much to the delight of the grand auditorium where the show was taking place. In true Las Vegas style, the entire show is a display of grandeur that few other shows on the strip can compete with on this level.

Backed up by a live band and a full orchestra, the shows music gives an impression of flawless integration of vocal harmony and artistic vision. The sound of Celine’s one of a kind voice combined with the accompanying musicians is something that can only be appreciated live and in person in this setting. The state of the art auditorium projected Celine’s legendary voice and captivated guests for the whole show.

Not only did Celine marvel the guests with her singing, but her costume changes were equally as impressive. Each costume design complemented the stage and setting in which the songs were taking place, an impressive accomplishment for any designer. The stunning costumes looked great on stage and Celine was able to seamlessly transition quickly between songs and costumes. The stunning visual impact from the costumes, the lighting, and the music captivated guests from start to finish.

It is very clear that Celine and the people at Caesars wanted to make the show a very intimate affair. Even though you are surrounded by 4,299 other people, you can feel an instant connection with the most celebrated female musician in history. Guests were left captivated and on the edge of their seat for the entire show as each song flowed to the next. Whether it was her classic hit, “My Heart Will Go On” or a the cover of another legendary song, Celine charmed guests and evoked a wide range of emotions from the audience. The power of her voice brought huge smiles to faces and tears to the eyes of others, it was truly a show to remember. Even as people walked out the door, they said they couldn’t wait to come back to see the spectacle all over again.

With such a wonderful show, it is clear that Celine Dion is here to stay. With her new home on the strip, she not only brings glitz and glamour, but also a touch of elegance. Night after night, she will continue to delight guests and perform in the legendary manner that only she can. If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, or trying to see Celine one last time, don’t miss your chance. Click Here to get a great deal on Celine Dion Tickets and all other Las Vegas Shows. With Celine, seeing is believing.

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