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Trent Carlini – Bringing Rock & Roll back to Vegas

Trent Carlini Concert Vegas

Among all the legends that entertainment industry has given us, one name that stands apart and influences music even today is “the King of Rock and Roll”, Elvis Presley. The King has inspired a generation of musicians and one among them, is Trent Carlini. Born in Chicago after his Italian parents moved to US, Trent was under great influence of Elvis; so much so that he decided to dedicate his entire life to him. It was this commitment to Elvis that led to the rise of Trent Carlini – The Dream King. Today known as the most popular Elvis Impersonator, he has earned name, fame and fortune following his icon.

Humble Beginnings

The death of Elvis in 1977 inspired Trent to take up the art of impersonating him to keep the charm and charisma of the King alive. While performing at some of the local clubs, Treat got great appreciation for his art and then was born Trent Carlini – The Dream King, one of the best tributes to the musical star.

The Performer

One thing that separates Trent Carlini – The Dream King, from other Elvis Tribute Artist, is the aura he brings along with him. He has been performing the Elvis act for past 20 years. In every show he has been able to give the audience the charm and charisma which the legend himself filled up the concert stadiums. Be it the singing, dance moves or the conversational skills, Trent fully owns the act and transports you back to a much simpler time, where rock & roll ruled the music world.

The Show

Trent Carlini’s shows have been a regular highlight in many theatres and casinos in Vegas. He covers the entire discography of Elvis, beginning with 1950’s pre-army days, moving on to the movie star Elvis, to finally Elvis’s Las Vegas concert gig specials. All the while making sure appearance, singing, style and aura are maintained through the show.

If you are in Vegas or planning on visiting soon, make sure you catch a show of Trent Carlini – The Dream King, and relive a part of history that can only be experienced and not read, heard, or seen.

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