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Vegas Concerts is a review site that focuses on concerts in Las Vegas. We also review some of the shows in Vegas. If you have attended a concert in Vegas and would like to send us your review we welcome all reviews and encourage your comments about any of the performers. Some of the artists perform all around the wrold, but we only review the performances in Las Vegas. Some concerts in Vegas run for several weeks or even months, and some are there just for a night or two. All of our reviews are of a performer that has either performed in Vegas or is scheduled to in the near future.

Bon Jovi in Las Vegas

Bon Jovi Concert Vegas

Bon Jovi started performing live in the early 1980’s and they continue to do so today. Their shows are always sold out due to the mix of great songs from the past, the best of their hits, and songs from their new albums. Seeing them live is amazing due to the energy that they bring to the stage and the way that the band interacts with the crowd.

Many of the venues where Bon Jovi performs have a curfew, but that is out the window in Las Vegas. That is where you can see a 3 hour show that is full of amazing songs from start to finish. This is a band that sounds awesome live so you won’t be disappointed. They tend to play shows in Las Vegas at annually. Sometimes, it is part of their tour and other times it is for fundraising efforts such as iHeart Radio and Tiger Jam. Jon Bon Jovi is well known for high energy, shaking his butt on stage, and even going around a circular ramp to give high fives to as many fans as he can.

With the tough economic times, many fans feel that they can’t afford to go to a concert such as Bon Jovi. The band has worked hard to make it affordable. They offer many different price levels for the shows at each venue. They also offer discounted prices on merchandise including t-shirts. If you only see one band perform live this year, make it to Bon Jovi! You will be hooked from the first song the band opens with!

If you missed Bon Jovi in Las Vegas earlier in 2013, you still have another chance! The band will be performing at the MGM Grand on October 12th. There are still some tickets available! Guitarist Richie Sambora has been absent from the tour since early April but there are rumors he will return in September when the band resumes their tour schedule. Even if he isn’t there, Phil X who has been taking over lead guitar, will make sure the show is still phenomenal.

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