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Justin Timberlake and the 20/20 Experience in Vegas

Justin Timberlake Concert Vegas

If you want to see the ultimate pop music singer and performer than you need to go see the 20/20 Experience World tour: Justin Timberlake. He is a six-time Grammy award winner and a four-time Emmy award winner and arguably the best male pop performer in the world.

He can dance, he can sing and his voice and style are incredibly unique. When was the last time you can remember watching someone who can sing and dance live and look and sound great doing it? Its rare because so few can do both live. But one of the words that is a very good description of Justin Timberlake is “rare” because his ability to sing and dance is a rare combination.

The songs on his current album are a musical combination of neo soul and the older generation soul music and as such he has created a very unique sound. This mixture is part of the reason that whenever you hear his music on the radio or television you are able to immediately recognize his voice. In a world of music where many times the ability to distinguish between artists is very difficult the same cannot be said of Justin Timberlake.

The reason he is so unlike other pop musical artists is because he takes so much time between albums. He takes ownership of the music he sings because he is the writer and producer of his music.

The 20/20 Experience concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas will be highlighted by two very successful singles from an album that has achieved commercial success and critical accolades. One of the most popular pop songs of 2012 and 2013 is his hit single “Suit & Tie.” This song achieved worldwide success and basically established residence on the Billboard Charts in the United States for several months. It is a great song that talks about how it feels to look good when wearing a suit and tie. Want tickets to see Justin Timberlake live in Las Vegas? Click Here to see cheap tickets available from

This song was followed up by his blockbuster single “Mirrors” which many believe was song written about his wife, Hollywood actress Jessica Biel and his realizing that she is his better half. For anyone who wants to impress their partner, this concert is the one to attend because when he sings this song you will be in the good books forever because your partner will think that he is singing to them. This single was also commercially successful as it was the number one song in England and number two in the United States.

One of the more impressive aspects of Justin Timberlake is that he does not release albums often nor does he tour often. As such, don’t pass up the opportunity to see live one of the greatest entertainers of our current generation because if you miss him you will likely have to wait for another several years before he comes back again.

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