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Vegas Concerts is a review site that focuses on concerts in Las Vegas. We also review some of the shows in Vegas. If you have attended a concert in Vegas and would like to send us your review we welcome all reviews and encourage your comments about any of the performers. Some of the artists perform all around the wrold, but we only review the performances in Las Vegas. Some concerts in Vegas run for several weeks or even months, and some are there just for a night or two. All of our reviews are of a performer that has either performed in Vegas or is scheduled to in the near future.

The Fray is Set to Perform in Las Vegas

The Fray Vegas Concert

What better way to compliment the neon lights and late nights of Vegas than with tickets to see legends that have worked with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl jam. That’s right my friend, The Fray. Gather your best friends from high school, as many as your car will hold, and road trip your way to Sin City while listening to The Fray favorites like How to Save a Life, and Over My Head (Cable Cars). You’ll never forget your experience to, from, or while you’re here, so get on it!

Tickets will sell out quickly, and with them your opportunity to rock out to your favorite The Fray songs while oogling over your Fray-man crush you’ve been nurturing since high school. Oh yes, we know about it. No worries though, we won’t tell. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Everything except your memories of bright lights, fast cars, and your best friends. If you have your mouse hovering over that place order button, hesitate no longer my friend. This will be a night to remember: the venue, the band (The Fray!), your friends. When buying your tickets you are not only purchasing a ticket to The Fray, your purchasing your ticket to open the doors to a night in Sin City with the concert only as an epic warm up to one of the very best nights of your mortal life.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky screaming fan to be pulled up on stage, and end up partying the night away with the members of The Fray themselves. It’s Vegas baby, anything and everything can happen in Vegas. So wait no longer, my friend, Vegas is calling, singing your name in chorus with the rhythmic offerings of the swoon worth band members of The Fray.

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