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Vegas Concerts is a review site that focuses on concerts in Las Vegas. We also review some of the shows in Vegas. If you have attended a concert in Vegas and would like to send us your review we welcome all reviews and encourage your comments about any of the performers. Some of the artists perform all around the wrold, but we only review the performances in Las Vegas. Some concerts in Vegas run for several weeks or even months, and some are there just for a night or two. All of our reviews are of a performer that has either performed in Vegas or is scheduled to in the near future.

Britney Spears Headlines in Las Vegas

Britney Spears Vegas Tickets

There are plenty of musical events to attend, but the best kinds of events are always in Las Vegas. There are a plethora of concerts to go. Music artists of various genres will be performing all over the Strip. Everyone from Shania Twain, Boyz II Men, J. Cole, Donny and Marie Osmond, Celine Dion and many more.

Britney Spears’ Piece of Me Concert: Yes, that’s right. The famous, notorious pop star and one of the judges for the X Factor show, Britney Spears, will be performing at Planet Hollywood from Dec. 27 to Feb. 22 of next year.

She is bound to perform a ton of her favorite hits including (but not limited to): “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” “Toxic,” “Gimme More” and her newest hit, “Work B—h.” The singer is also slated to perform some new, never-heard songs from her upcoming album as well, which is set to come out Dec. 3.

Las Vegas is always sure to bring the best and biggest musical acts for plenty of people to enjoy. This is just a simple taste what is to be expected on the music scene of Las Vegas.

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