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The Rock Band Papa Roach in Las Vegas

Papa Roach Concert Vegas

Well known for songs like “She Loves Me Not” and “Last Resort”, the American band Papa Roach from the Vacaville City of Solano County in the Northern California, came into the limelight in 2000. It’s a rock band whose 1st major release was a triple platinum album, Infest in the year 2000. Thereafter 2 years, they released a gold album of Lovehatetragedy. Their success stories continued with albums like “Getting Away with Murder”, “The Paramour Session”, “Metamorphosis” and “The Connection” in the year of 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2012 respectively. This Vacaville band has already sold 20 million copies of their released albums.

The band was formed way back in 1993 with Shaddix as singer and Dave as drummer. Their other school mates Ben and Will joined the band later in the same year. Their 1st performance was in a talent show of school where they sang “Fire”, a version of a song by Hendrix. However, Ben was replaced by the guitarist Jerry in the same year. The name of the band came from the name of Shaddix’s grandfather, whom they paid homage with the album of “The Paramour Session”.

Their 1st extended play release was Potatoes for Christmas in the year of 1994. However their mainstream success began in 2000 when they recorded their 1st major album Infest in the studio. This album had old songs like “Dead Cell”, “Broken Home”, etc. Within a week of the release of their debut album, the American band had sold 30000 copies of the album. So high became their popularity worldwide, that in the same year they toured UK and Japan. Soon they mixed rap metal with alternative metals to produce a unique album of Lovehatetragedy. Though this album did not gain more popularity than their debut album, it managed to sell 500000 copies of the album and was tagged Gold.

The Paramour Sessions was the 4th major album released by the band in 2006. Thereafter, the band toured both America and UK to promote this album. However, it was in 2007 when drummer Dave left the band and Palermo joined in the band. Their most recent album- “The Connection” was released in 2012. Soon the band went in touring with their new album before participating in the Uproar Festival in 2012. A year later, Jerry was forced to leave the band due to his lack of sensation in fingers. This created a lot of disappointment among the fans.

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