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Black Sabbath The Rockers Who Just Don’t Stop

Black Sabbath Concert Vegas

It is incredible to believe that Black Sabbath have been around for over thirty five years. Ozzy Osborne, Tony Lommi on guitar and Gerald Butler on bass these guys are true heavy metal legends and they are back on the road with the city of sin Las Vegas part of this world tour.

The legendary rockers recently performed a concert that everyone will remember as these guys continue to entertain and perform to their loyal fans decades after they begun. Among fans of heavy metal, Black Sabbath are perceived as the fathers of the genre. Their loud volume music together with dark subject matter combined with on their on stage antics is one of the main reasons they continue to connect with fans even after all the years that have passed. Originally an underground band after selling some seventy five million albums globally they are a band that is hard to beat.

Ozzy formed the group in his home town of Birmingham, an industrial town in the heart of England. Despite having lived in United States for many years he continues to retain his Brummy accent. The idea of the band was to get out of the a life of working with factories.

MGM Grand is a stunning arena with the show starting with a rousing rock and roll mix which really got the audience rocking. The high energy and electric feeling soaring around the garden arena it really was a great set to begin with followed by many classic hits which got the crowds screaming. There was no incident of Ozzy biting a bat as there was many years ago, but this was an incredible concert and all those that went along was amazed that these guys who are all knocking sixty plus can continue to perform and fill arena’s as big as The MGM Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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